Compatibility + black screen


In order to create a hosted app, i have followed the documentation instructions an started by installing the cli and then the webos tv 24 simulator to test the app on my mac, i successfully created the hosted app and pointed to the url i needed and the simulator opened and showed the app running. After this, i tried to simulate the app on a tv with the below definitions:

modelName : OLED65E6V-Z
sdkVersion : 3.4.0
firmwareVersion : 05.70.30
boardType : M16_DVB_EU

A pc was connected to the television with success but unfortunately the hosted app did not run showing a black screen. The app to where the url points to, it´s a laravel 10 + vue 3.0 + bitmovin player that runs without no problem on chrome on a laptop. Another test was made by creating just a simple hello world app and on this case the app did showed the “hello word” phrase.

Any help would be appreciated, regards

webOS TV 3.x uses Chromium 38. Please check compatibility. Thank you.