Directly testing in chromium


We have created a streaming app using the laravel 10 + vue 3 tools, and our goal is a hosted app which we already created, but just to test the compatibility and also considering that lg is chromium based, we tried to open the app directly on the browser of a lg televison with webOs 6.0 and the video did not play. For the player, we are using bitmovin and it plays if we directly open the url of the app on chrome but it does not on chromium.

  • Is it completely necessary to test using the developer mode and installing the ipk on the television?.

  • If the point above is true, do we need on our js script to set the file_protocol to true and fill the app_id since we dind´t create the app yet on the developer portal?

Thanks for you time

We cannot check 3rd party solution issues. Please contact Bitmovin support. Thank you.