Create a simple app and transfer it to your TV

I would like to develop a simple app for LG 43UP81006LR TV.
The app should only display a web page, always the same (example without having to type it in the browser.
I specify that I am absolutely not fast in programming and I know some languages, but not WebOS and its connection with TV.
I installed the WebOS SDK on the Windows 10 PC and followed the instructions (::: LG | webOS TV Developer ::: Build Your First App for webOS TV) that allowed me to create the first app (“first-app”).
Then I started the simulator on PC and I was able to view the usual “Hello Word”.
However, I was unable to install/transfer/ opy the app on the TV obviously connected to the internet and to the local network (via ethernet and/or wifi).
The intention would be to launch this app in the same simple way as Netflix or Prime Video or YouTube, etc.
Is there any further instruction besides the somewhat complex ones available at the link above?
Thanks for any help

Please refer to App Testing with Developer Mode App. Thank you.