webOS TV extension Doesn’t work as expected

I am using the VS code extension for the webOS to run the LG App build and tried to connect the LG TV in the developer option, but it didn’t work.

I have followed the webOS TV extension Guide to setup in my Vs code.

1. When I run the selected app directory on the device without packaging and installing the app, it creates and installs the build with the LG TV, but the TV screen is black, and the format is also, not correct. I am getting format (com.sdk.ares.hostedapp) in the webOS TV extension.

2. When I installed the App using the package(.ipk), It’s creating the ipk, and the format is (com.xx.tv_1.0.0_all.ipk), but it also doesn’t work. It displays black screen on the TV.

When I create the ipk from the renative command(npx rnv export -p webos -s release) and install it on TV through an extension or without extension, it works.

Kindly help, my development work has been stuck for quite some time.

Please make sure your app has an appinfo.json file and the mandatory properties are set correctly. You can generate a template using the ares-generate command. Please generate a basic web app template, move your app resources to the template, and try again. You can also refer to the package structure of the Luna Service sample app. Thank you.

We already have these files & config in place.

Please check if the Luna Service sample app is working. Thank you.