Deploying for each webOS major version

I’m developing an application, and I want to support all devices from 3.0 and upwards. However, I found a lot of shortcomings when it comes to compatibility, especially some CSS that just does not want to work on 3.0, 4.0 but that works for later versions. My question is then, can I deploy different versions and/or .ipk packages for each of the major versions? So for example one .ipk file for 3.0, one for 4.0 etc etc all the way until I find common-ground for compatibility?

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Although this is a question that can be answered by the 1 on 1, I feel like this might be a good thing to have answered here as well, as I feel it’s part of the development experience in general. In the docs it is stated that app developers should create a 720p and 1080p version of the app for example, so this is just as relevant of a question. It’s imperative that developers know how the deployment of their apps are handled, as that can massively influence the decision of the technology stack used. If I can only use one .ipk (or two if you include 720p and 1080p versions) per application, I might use a less modern feature-stack which will be less “extravagant”, but if I could target one .ipk file per webos version, I can pick and choose where to include fancy animations, newer libraries etc as we also have to take performance in mind (older tvs are slower etc).

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@mili95 Did you got answer for it? From my experience, I guess that’s not possible