Enabling Developer Mode Broke my TV

Hi all,

Every time I turn on my tv I see the LG logo for a split second and then the light goes out and the image is nearly invisible (sound still works).
I’m a developer and I was curious to start developing an app for my tv so I went ahead and installed the Dev Tool on it, created an account, logged in and enabled dev mode. It asked me for a restart, I agreed, and as soon as it restarted the backlight stopped working just like that.
Any thoughts?

Thank you for any help.

Please contact LG customer service center in your region. Sorry for not being helpful.

They just want to replace parts at my expense :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

After a lot of research, turns out it’s a hardware fault after all :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: (it has been less than an month after the warranty expired). The initial logo flash I see is cause by a protection mechanism in the LED controller chip, that detects a short and turns off. Unfortunately nobody in LG support could tell me that. I contacted the official part reseller and the part is sold out and there is no forecast to when it will be available :exploding_head: (again, this is a model from 2020). I’m stuck trying to find some after market part, I’ve already order one, let’s see if it fits.