How to add subtitle in webOS TV

Hi team,

I’m developing an app that will play videos from url in HTML

As i checked in other platforms as well the subtitles are working there.

Kindly please help me reagarding this.

Thanks in advance.

I would like to get clear answer too. I searched lot of discussions and it looks like it worked in the past (in the link below).

Please answer us. Will sometimes webOS support embedded subtitles in MKV?


Currently, only an external subtitle in the form of .vtt (WebVTT) is officially supported. Thank you.

<video src="" controls autoplay width="960" height="540">
    <track default src="subtitle.vtt">

webOS OSE subtitle APIs should work just fine

Thank you for answer, but question was: Will be webOS support embedded subtitles?
I think it is really basic function. I would prefer honest answer if they don´t want to allow it or will be work on it. I think about new TV. I had LG TV, I have LG TV, but now I am confused regarding basic thongs like this.

Hi user2002,

Could you tell me something more about webOS OSE APIs? I am really amateur regarding this.

How could I use it?

Seen some post on stack overflow link

Thank you for your post, but I really don´t know how to use it/ install it to TV :pensive:

sorry, I thought you are developing your own app