Subtitles/Captions not working on newer LG TV

Hello, I am experiencing an issue with my newer LG TV. I am not able to enable subtitles on my newer LG TV despite being able to enable subtitles on my older LG TV. Here are the specs for the newer LG TV:

  • SDK version is 7.2.0-43 (mullet-marine)
  • firmwareVersion: 03.21.25
  • modelName: 43UQ7590PUB
  • webOSTV lib version: 1.2.4
  • My new LG TV has the latest software update.
    This is how I am calling the API:
    On my older LG TV, calling that API will succeed. However, it will fail on the newer TV.
    Please advise, thank you in advance.

Currently, no subtitle related APIs are provided. And we can only guide you based on this website resources. Sorry for not being helpful.

Thanks for the response - however, that is actually incorrect. The LG webOS API provides subtitles for all other LG TV models except for the newer LG TV models such as 43UQ7590PUB. The API above enables subtitles for all of my other LG TVs.
Is there any insight as to why that might be the case?

Hello, any update on this? Thanks!

Bumping this because I’m still running into this issue.

Can you let us know where you got the API from? As we said above, we can only guide you based on this website resources. And there is currently no subtitle related APIs.
We are now checking if the API is one of the closed APIs that should be protected by a non-disclosure agreement. If so, it could be a legal issue.

We deleted the image above. If you would like to discuss this further, please email us at Thank you.

Hi, would you be willing to share you working code example of how you manage the subtitles on older devices?