I cannot enable the debug mode

You’re suppose to look on Google "hhtp://[TV’s ip address]:2345 during the rebooting of the TV, but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but Chrome continues to say “This website isn’t accessible” with as explanation “TV don’t authorize connection”. I couldn’t find a physical power button on the TV I use (model 43US662H0ZC), so I turned it off and on again with the remote. Either Google Chrome was loading before getting rejected by the TV, or I was rejected immediately. I also tried to look for from the TV’s web browser, but it also don’t work.
How do you access “Developer Tools”'s page if you can’t use the method given in the tutorial ? Thank’s in advance

43US662H0ZC is one of the Pro:Centric models. Please contact Pro:Centric Developer Support. Thank you.

My question isn’t where the power button is, but how do you enable the debug mode to have access to the console and to be able to see the result of your console.log. I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear.

Pro:Centric is different from webOS TV. Please contact Pro:Centric Developer Support and follow their instructions. Thank you.