Is it possible to launch LG Store directly to the publisher app?


Let’s assume we installed an mobile app on our smartphone (from official store like Apple or Google app) and want to suggest to our client to install our TV app, after we make a pair between our smartphone and LG tv can we open through websocket (or any service) the LG store app ( I think) directly to a published app from LG store ?

You can launch the LG Content Store app using the app ID,, and Application Manager API. Unfortunately, however, no API to link to a specific app install page in the store is provided now. So the available option is to launch your app and handle the error if it doesn’t exist. Thank you.

Thanks, my target is to offer to our clients an easy way to install our LG app from store, so the easiest way we think is to open for them the LG store and they only need to hit “Install” button, or even simple to install for them the app somehow.
I will dig a little to see if there is any way yo do that.