Issues detecting a Long Press on some models

Helo everyone,

In our app we have a functionality that displays a menu when a long press (>500 milliseconds) of the OK/SELECT key on the remote is performed, it uses a combination of ‘keydown’ and ‘keyup’ events to detect when this long press is being made starting a timeout when it is pressed and cancelling it when released, if more than 500ms have passed it is considered a long press

This works in most models but for some reason on model <webOS6.0( LM21U FHD)> it is not registering as a long press according to LG QA, we have seen on the video LG QA sends that there is some sort of touchcreen remote, not a normal tv remote controller, so we would like to know if this onscreen touch remote also sends a ‘keydown’ and ‘keyup’ event or if instead it for some reason sends a ‘mousedown’ event just like the magic remote so if someone could share this information if possible it would be of great help!
Some information on how to test this would also come in handy as we don’t have this device, videos have been uploaded to g drive
LG QA video evidence

Thanks in advance!

On reviewing this issue, we found that the StanbyME Touch Remote does not support the long press. This is the touch remote specification.
We informed QA that the long press can only be tested with the remote control. If you have further problems with it, please let us know.
We will update the guides above soon. Sorry for the confusion.

StanbyME Overview and Touch Screen on StanbyME have been updated. The touch remote fires the same events as the remote contol but does not support long press. Thank you.