Some of the keys in magic remote are giving key parameter as 'unidentified'


I am Developer from Xperi and In Xperi we are developing OTT Hosted WebApp for LG webOS Smart TV.

For our hosted web application on LG webOS TV, we use the LG magic and basic remotes. For some keys, the key string property returns “unidentified”, like Fast-forward, Rewind, Play, Pause, Back etc.
{…, key: “Unidentified”, keyCode: 461,…}

We are mapping our remote keys based on key string property of event ‘keydown’ listener, Why this key parameter is not mapped with proper string?, let use know how we can solve this issue.

Is there any latest software update in magic remote ? to get this proper key property.

Please share information of exit keycode and key string properties along with other basic remote keys.

register country : india

Note: App is not yet release. we are stuck in development due to this issue.

Thank you!

You can find all available remote keys in an app in Magic Remote. Thank you.