Latest CLI version incompatible with the developer mode app

Hey guys I’m trying to upload an app to my LG TV via the “developer mode” app, when I open it I get a warning saying I will need CLI v1.12.4 which is the latest offering in the developer portal so I downloaded it.

The issue is that when I check for the version doing “ares -V” the version of the CLI is 1.12.2 and always errors when trying to install the app.

Would you mind explaining to me why LG devs decided to update the “developer mode” app to a version incompatible with the latest CLI tool? D:<

Please make sure your environment variables are set correctly. The new version of CLI must be installed in the same path as WEBOS_CLI_TV. For more information, please refer to CLI Installation. Thank you.

Hi, you are right, I had a previous installation messing with the new one.

Thanks for the tip.


How to install or replace the latest version of CLI in webOS TV SDK on Mac ?

We now provide each of tools separately. Please uninstall the SDK and install the latest version of the tools you need. Thank you.