LG WebOS Developer Mode "Wrong User ID"

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to log in to the Developer Mode app on my LG WebOS TV, but after typing my LG Developer email and password I’m getting an error that says:

Try again
Wrong User ID

I can see that “LG Developer” is listed in my enrolled services on this page: https://us.lgaccount.com/member/my_join_service

My email has an unusual character in it, a + symbol like a+b@email.com, but it is a valid email address. Is there maybe another setting or service I need to enable on the LG website?

Ah, I created another LG developer account without the + in the email and was able to log in. This seems like a validation error in the Developer Mode application, is it possible for it to be updated to allow these valid email addresses?

Please let us know your email ID at developer@lge.com. Thank you.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We have forwarded the issue to the department in charge, and they are working on a fix now. It will be fixed this month or early next month. Until then, please use another email ID without +. We apologize for the inconvenience once again.

The issue has been fixed. Please update the Developer Mode app and check again. Thank you.