Mouse Events Not Triggering on LG Smart TV Web Apps


Recently, we have encountered an issue where mouse events are not being triggered in our applications on LG Smart TVs. Specifically, events such as document.addEventListener('mousemove', ...) are not working as expected.
To troubleshoot, we created a simple webOS app to test these events, but unfortunately, we still did not receive any mouse events. Here are some details about our setup and the issue:
Issue: Mouse events (e.g., mousemove) are not being captured.
Actions taken: We created a basic self hosted with a mousemove event listener to test this, but the events are not triggered.
LG Smart TV model: 43UP7750PVB
SDK Version: 6.4.0
FirmewareVersion: 03.40.82

We are looking for guidance on resolving this issue and ensuring that mouse events are correctly captured in our applications. Could you please assist us in identifying the cause and possible solutions?

Thank you for your support.

In webOS TV apps, you can use the standard JavaScript events for the mouse. Please check again with Remote Control sample app after adding the mousemove event. Thank you.