Not able to reduce my LG application’s launch time (i.e 23-24 secs) in 4X webOS TV Version to 10-12 secs (like it is in 6X & 7X)

-I have deleted multiple unnecessary files and assets to reduce the bundler size
-Also added minify code
-Installed Beanviser to see the memory utilities
But couldn’t find an ideal solution to reduce the splash time
Please suggest any solution

Please check with Web Inspector. Analyze runtime performance, Inspect network activity, and Fix memory problems will be helpful. Thank you.

Thanks for your suggestions.

I inspected the App on the browser, and it seems OK from a performance perspective.

I am facing an issue with WebOS 4.10 (Real LG TV), so I was more inclined to debug the LG TV with WebOS 4.10.

My concerns are:
How do I check which code is taking more time to execute so that I can optimize the app launch time?

Is there any other way to reduce the App launch time?

App performance optimization is up to you. Please consider that TVs have lower specifications than PCs, and try reducing TV resource usage. And webOS TV 4.x uses Chromium 53. Please check compatibility. Thank you.