Pass params to deeplinked app

I am trying to pass custom deeplink params from one application to another.

Caller Application code

// Launching app with parameters
var request = webOS.service.request('luna://com.webos.applicationManager', {
  method: 'launch',
  parameters: {
    id: 'com.yourdomain.callee',
    params: {
      customParam1: 'value1',
      customParam2: 'value2'
  onSuccess: function (inResponse) {
    console.log('The app is launched');
  onFailure: function (inError) {
    console.log('Failed to launch the app');
    // To-Do something

Callee Application code:

// webOSLaunch event
document.addEventListener('webOSLaunch', function(inData) {
    // Check the received parameters
    // Do something in the foreground
}, true);

On webOSLaunch event we got “{‘isTrusted’:false}” instead of customParams we are sending from caller application.

Please guide as we need to receive customParams in callee application

Please refer to webOSTV.JS Library sample app. This app shows how to launch an app on the other app and works without issues. Thank you.