Please improve and update your base packages

I am using a LG 2022 TV C2 OLED as my device. The buldroot and packages are really out of date and have caused myself a lot of issues.

Please can you look to move to a modern packages such as the ones below?

Linux Kernel

LG WebOS currently uses Linux Kernel 5.4.96, which was released Feb 7 2021. The LG C2 was released in March/April 2022.

I have encountered an issue porting software to LG WebOS due to undeclared ‘V4L2_BUF_FLAG_M2M_HOLD_CAPTURE_BUF’.

Please can I ask you to switch to the latest LTS kernel release of 6.1.22 or newer.

GStreamer version

GStreamer 1.18.2 which was released in 2020. This is causing incompatibilities as it has many bugs. Please can this be updated to GStreamer 1.22.1 or whatever is newer.

libavcodec version

The version included on the TV is FFmpeg 4.2 which was released in 2019!!
Please can you update libavcodec to a more modern version such as FFmpeg 6 (or even version 5.0.2!).

The current version just causes crashes on my end.

Wayland protocols

The version of wayland protocols appears to be 1.11.0 which was released in 2016. 1.22 was recently released.

Glibc version

The current glibc version is 2.37. The one on the TV is 2.31.

GCC Compiler version

GCC version 9 is being used while the latest is GCC 13! GCC has many optimisations etc. that would be of benefit in compilation.

Buildroot - dated configuration

The buildroot configuration is exceptionally out of date and GitHub - buildroot/buildroot: Buildroot, making embedded Linux easy. Note that this is not the official repository, but only a mirror. The official Git repository is at Do not open issues or file pull requests here. contains many new packages! The amount of bugs that have been fixed since then is boffling…

Mali GPU drivers

Updated GPU drivers would be exceptionally beneficial. Such as supporting newer OpenGLES and even Vulkan features.

This forum only supports LG SDK and API related issues. We don’t have much relevance to software development of LG devices. For questions/issues about the LG Device and its software, please contact LG customer service center in your region. Thank you.