Version of wayland protocol does WebOS 7 use etc?

I’m porting a native app (C/C++) to web os and making progress with developer mode. But I could do with finding out more about the target to help me.

I am currently targeting a LG OLED65C2 that comes pre-installed with WebOS 7.2.0.

What version of wayland protocols is in use?
(wayland / wayland-protocols · GitLab)

What version of wayland is in use?
(wayland / wayland · GitLab)

What version of mesa is in use? (gitlab mesa) - libEGL, libGLES

Lastly, the kernel included is aarch64. But the OS is 32-bit. Why is there no 64-bit OS included? There is no 64-bit linker included on the target device, but it is included on lg open source website for the TV.

In this forum, we only support LG SDK and API issues for webOS TV web apps. And currently, NDK is only available for contracted partners of LG. For questions about LG partnership, please contact your local LG office. If you don’t have the contact information, you can contact LG customer service center first. Thank you.

Do you have a email of a person I can contact? LG customer service is for end users, not developers!

Did you ever find out this info? I’m also interested in how to contact the appropriate LG contact regarding a “partnership” contract, as all the info given on these forums has been very vague and not really helpful.

You can request the partnership in the 1:1 Q&A menu at the Seller Lounge.