Problem with download speed over ethernet on html based apps

I am writing here on behalf of Net-Surf Ltd. - an internet and digital TV provider in Bulgaria. We have developed our own TV app, which is approved and published in the store. But we have started receiving reports from customers about TV disconnection and stuckness. After checking from our side we noticed a problem with download speed when it is through html i.e. browser or html based application. The speed we were able to measure was up to about 10 mbit/s.

When we do a test on the same network through an application to measure the speed it is 90 mbit/s, but through the embedded browser and our application it is no more than 10 mbit/s as I mentioned above

We tested on several different models of TVs, but I’ll give you one specific model at the moment: 32LM637BPLA

We are desperate to solve this issue. At the moment we are forced to recommend different brands for TVs for our customers, just because of this problem. I can provide additional information if needed.

Thanks in advance!

We are not sure exactly what problem you are getting. What kind of services does your app provide? Please share with us the app title and more detailed information about your issue at Thank you.