Receiving Unexpected token ...(spread operator) while using React-redux

For a week I’m trying to launch an app which is using React, Redux(create-react-app based). And found that after using ares-package on project it can’t be launched cause of receiving error Unexpected token …
I thought smart-tv can’t use spread operator, but when it’s used with React standalone it works, and when it is used with Redux reducers it is giving an error.
Web engine: Chromium 68
Has anyone encountered something similar and already has a ready-made solution?

Please let us know your TV model name. Thank you.

55UM7450PLA model
4.10.0-12 (goldilocks2-grampians) webos version

55UM7450PLA is one of the webOS TV 4.5 models. webOS TV 4.x uses Chromium 53, so spread syntax in object literals is not supported. Thank you.