What is the cache amount for an App?


I,m facing hosted app that tries to play a slideshow with some videos and images goes black after third cicle.
Not always the third cicle, it depends very much on the connection.
Why not at the first one?
Images are loaded once and videos each time are showed.
Same slideshow in another device and browser but same connection showed correctly infinite cicles.

How is the performance of the browser to cache (amount?) contents?

Is there any tag to control the cache for files ? I didn’t find.


You can use Beanviser to measure the performance of your apps or services. Please check your memory usage. We recommend less than 250MB. Thank you.

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Have you found anything that could help us solve this issue? We’re still experiencing problems with indexedDB files being deleted, but the storage space isn’t being freed up until the browser engine decides to do so. We believe this issue may be related to the Chrome engine.

I suggest checking the amount of storage being used as cache, as it’s possible that you could be in a situation where there appears to be space available, but it’s actually being used up.