Valid categories and keys for getSystemSettings

Evidently the getSystemSettings service call will fail unless a valid key is specified. Is there a way of obtaining a list of all of the valid categories and keys accepted by this service call?

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You can find all available keys in getSystemSettings. Thank you.

I found info elsewhere on how to obtain some of the picture settings, e.g. “category”: “picture”, “keys”: [“contrast”, “backlight”, “brightness”, “color”]
Is it possible to obtain all of the other picture settings, as well as other settings? This info does not appear to be on the doc page you pointed me to.

Currently, we only provide the keys in the document. If there are any updates, we will let you know via our website. Thank you.

I would like to bump this topic.

It would be incredible to use LG TVs with deep integration into smart devices and smart homes.

I would also like to request the ability to control brightness over Web API. Reasoning: One can build a Raspberry Pi system to automatically control brightness given the time of day. Even a basic system would be a substantial improvement over relying solely on ambient light sensing built in, and would help improve power efficiency.