YouTube app have special permissions?

Hi everyone,

I have installed a new TV with webos 7.1.0-36 and I want to rewrite an old unpublished app for my project. I saw after I finished to install the LG TV that the YouTube app launched from my phone to TV without “PAIR” request, the “YouTube” app have any special permission to do that or I can do this with my app also ?


The specifications of the premium app service can differ depending on the contract with LG. However, we do not disclose the details. Sorry for not being helpful.

thanks Kim, you are helpful and I know “at this time” I am not a premium publisher but you can still answer me at the last phrase of my question, “I can do this with my app also” ?

DLNA feature is not provided with webOS TV SDK. For questions about LG partnership, please contact your local LG office. If you don’t have the contact information, you can contact LG customer service center first. Thank you.

Thank you for your answer.