Channels are flickering

We deployed the IPTV project on the GPON network system, currently we are encountering the following problems:

  • After the TV installed the Centric server connection, everything went smoothly. Then we use the remote to turn off the TV as usual. After 24 - 48 hours, when we turn on the TV, we will see that the channels are flickering, 2 seconds of screen time and 2 seconds of no picture, repeat like that.
  • To fix this, we found 2 temporary ways:
  1. open another app, for example: youtube…, then exit and return to APP TV, everything works normally
  2. Unplug the TV power cord and plug it back in and it will work normally again (in case turning it off with the remote doesn’t work).
    We are having difficulty investigating the cause of the above error. I don’t know if LG has any tools to help find the cause? Thanks
    TV model: 50um660h0sg
    Webos23/8.0.0-100 (number1-naejangsan)

50UM660H0SG is one of the Pro:Centric models. Please contact Pro:Centric Developer Support. Thank you.

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