Differences between Signage toolchain

I’ve been developing for WebOS consumer TVs since WebOS 1 and am finishing my first client app for Signage TVs. I have a similar support request on the Signage developer site.

My problem is that the generated IPKs using the Signage ares-package tool always contain a single file called data.tar and this is apparently incorrect.

Can you confirm that consumer ares-package .IPKs should contain data.tar? If so, I wonder if having both SDKs installed is the cause of the problem. I’ve tried uninstalling the consumer SDK but still get the same problem.

The webOS TV app package file also contains the data.tar. There is no problem. Thank you.

Thank you. Do you know if a Signage IPK should also contain data.tar?

It’s not much different from webOS TV. But we can’t confirm the webOS Signage issue. Please check again with the webOS Signage support team. Thank you.