How can I use ares-install to put an app on a Simulator?

  • os version: Ubuntu 22.04
  • cli version: webOS TV CLI Version: 1.12.4-j27
  • Simulator version: 23

The page for the simulator says:

Interwork with webOS TV CLI and VS Code extension

You can run your app directly through webOS TV CLI or VS Code Extension.

Great! How?

Can I use a ares-setup-device command to point at a Simulator, and then can I use a ares-install command to install my app on the Simulator?

I’m able to install my app on the Simulator by using the UI using File > Launch App, but I’d like to do this in a cli/programmatic way. Is this possible yet?

The webOS TV Simulator does not use .ipk. Therefore, the ares-install command is not required. Use only the ares-launch command. For more information, please refer to Test on the Simulator and Launch the app on the Simulator. Thank you.