How to launch Simulator? (Ubuntu 22.04)

I have webOS_TV_22_Simulator_1.1.1 installed on my system (Ubuntu 22.04) and the WebOS CLI installed as well. I am going through the “Hello World” tutorial and when I run the command “ares-launch -s 22 /home/user/myApp” from the terminal I get this launched message but no
simulator is shown. Here is my output after running the command:

The Simulator or Web Inspector are both not being launched but there are no errors.
How do I run/open the simulator on my machine to test my first app? I am following this guide: ::: LG | webOS TV Developer ::: Simulator Developer Guide
Thank you.

There are three ways of launching an app. Can you run the simulator and check if it works using Launch App menu or App button on RCU as described here? Thank you.