Listen/Subscribe to OS level voice assistant inside Hosted Web Application

I am making a Hosted Web Application for LG Smart TVs. I want to listen to OS-level voice assistant to open my application with specified content, for example, If I am on the home screen, If I press & hold the mic button and say, play Transformers movie in Amazon Prime, it opens Amazon Prime with the transformers movie meta page.

Here definitely, amazon/YouTube must have had listener functions inside their applications ready to extract movie names from voice event data and open the specific movie.

How can I replicate such a scenario in my application? I found WebOS-OSE has some ai.voice service. But If I use it, it is saying service not found. What is WebOS-SDK and WebOS-OSE?

webOS OSE is the open source project of webOS. And we do not guarantee the compatibility of webOS TV apps with webOS OSE resources. For webOS TV apps, please use webOS TV resources in this website only. Currently, no APIs are provided for system-level voice control. However, the specifications of premium app services can differ depending on the contract with LG. But we do not disclose the details. For questions about LG partnership, please visit > 1:1 Q&A > Partnership. Thank you.

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