New Enact UI version overriding css margin property

With the new Enact UI version 4.7.4 margins are overridden to 0 by enact UI marquue class . Is there way to not let margin overridden by enact?

Sorry for the late reply. In that case, CSS Specificity will be helpful. Thank you.

Hey ,

We are making use of MUI styled components for styling. We are not adding classNames to any element. Could you please suggest how we can override the following class:
.enact_ui_Marquee_Marquee_marquee .enact_ui_Marquee_Marquee_text * {
margin: 0

Also, is it possible to remove * so that it doesn’t override all the margins inside this class?

Have you checked the document above? You can redefine CSS with higher specificity than the original. Precedence over third-party CSS will be helpful. And you can test how it works here. Thank you.