Serious error in CLI install instructions for Windows

The page ::: LG | webOS TV Developer ::: CLI Installation has a very serious issue:

It asks the developer to among other commands issue

setx /m PATH “%PATH%;%WEBOS_CLI_TV%”

On my Windows 11 machine with latest patches this replace my system PATH variable with %PATH%;%WEBOS_CLI_TV% and not as intended the old path + %WEBOS_CLI_TV%. This makes Windows unstable and many apps will fail. For many users this will requite a reinstall for the OS. So VERY bad. I managed to save the situation due to deep windows knowledge (I could copy the PATH from the process context of other older running processes), but most users won’t. So please correct ASAP

Sorry for the inconvenience and the late reply. The command above has no problem with cmd.exe, but with powershell, it affects the system as you mentioned. On the powershell, it should be:
setx /m PATH "$Env:PATH;$Env:WEBOS_CLI_TV"
We will update the document soon. Sorry again and thank you for your report.