Simulator launch error

I have webOS SDK(6.0) installed in my system and downloaded the Simulator of version 6.0 (webOS_TV_6.0_Simulator_1.3.0) whenever I try to execute simulator the simulator is not launching but the same version of simulator is working properly in Linux can you help me to resolve my issue.

Please follow the steps in Simulator Installation Guide. If the problem persists, please let us know the OS version and share a screenshot. Thank you.

Thank you for replying,
I have followed the same link for installation but the issue is with launching the .exe file of simulator, the simulator is not launching at all and the OS installed in my system is Windows 11 22H2.

Can you check if it works with the CLI?

Have tried with this again i am facing an error can you go through once please!

We now provide each of tools separately. Please uninstall the SDK, install CLI and Simulator and check again. Thank you.

Hey, I uninstalled SDK and installed CLI and Simulator and tried to open simulator it was not launching and tried to launch an app there was an error can u go though the screenshots i have attached…

whenever I try to launch simulator I can see the loading cursor after that I won’t be able to see the window of simulator and RCU.

Please make sure your environment variables are set correctly. You can refer to CLI Installation and Simulator Installation. Thank you.