Download Ubuntu CLI with link for Automated Builds

I am trying to put together an automated build using jenkins + docker to build our artifacts using the webOS_TV_CLI_linux_1.12.3-j26.tgz installation file.

I would like to download the file as part of my build every time. However, i cannot find a direct link to the file. Instead, using this page, ::: LG | webOS TV Developer ::: CLI Installation i can click on it but it prompts for a license agreement.

Is there a direct link to the CLI download, OR a way to auto-accept the license agreement so i can have an automated system download and install the CLI tools for use with my jenkins build?


We do not provide a direct link to the SDK; according to LG policy, you can download the SDK only from that page. And we also do not recommend using automation tools on our website as they can cause traffic issues. Sorry for not being helpful.