Implementing User-Controlled JS Services

Our application has recently been launched on the LG Store and we’re excited to explore new avenues to enhance our user experience. We aim to introduce a pair of user-controlled background services into our application, and we are seeking your invaluable insights and suggestions.

To ensure user consent and control, upon installation, our application will prompt users with checkboxes. These allow users to decide whether or not they wish to activate the proposed services. The user’s decision will determine the function of our two services, detailed as follows:

The first service serves as a control mechanism for the second. Essentially, it is designed to auto-start a screen from our app each time the TV is turned on, asking the user whether they wish to activate the second service. The crucial point is that the second service will be OFF by default and will only activate if the user explicitly opts in via the prompt triggered by the first service. This ensures user control and consent over the activation of the background service.

The second service is designed to run in the background for a limited duration of up to 50 minutes. The service executes a GET request from our API endpoint every 3 seconds, checking the status of a boolean variable. If the variable is set to TRUE, our app is launched, and the service is closed. The service is re-registered when our app is suspended or killed. If the boolean remains FALSE, the service continues to loop with the 3-second GET API request.

We are fully aware of the importance of resource efficiency, especially when dealing with background services. We are committed to ensuring that these processes are optimized to have minimal impact on the system resources.
By integrating these services, our focus is to deliver user control and maintain resource efficiency. As we aspire to implement these features in accordance with the recommended best practices for LG WebOS development, we would greatly appreciate any thoughts, suggestions, or insights you might have on potential pitfalls and success stories related to such an implementation.


Currently, there is no API provided to automatically launch an app when the TV is turned on. Sorry for not being helpful.

Ok, thanks. I will study more and maybe i will come back with some updates.