Is Web Assembly supported?


Today I tried to see if Web Assembly is supported. Testing the application with the webOS 6.0 simulator it seems it works correctly (I simply tested a call to a function which returned a string).
However it seems it doesn’t work on the TV. The OS version reported by the television is 5.4.3-34.
Does anyone knows the current status of support for WASM in webOS applications?

Thank you

I guess I kind of figured out what’s happening about WASM.

Looking at the engines table It says 5.x is based on chromium 68, which supports WASM.

I think the issue here is the different protocol used by the simulator, which probably instantiate a simple http server, while the television does not use any webserver.

I concluded for this option because in the same engines table page there is a paragraph related to cookies in which it says they only work in hosted apps.

I’ll make some test to verify WASM behaviour for an hosted app.