webOS intent API does not exist error

I am developing a feature to deeplink apps like Netflix,prime video ,Showtime,Youtube etc. from webOS TV . I am making use of com.webos.service.intent API to manage intents . I tried to add intent for youtube .Added

"intentFilters": [               
                "actions": ["view"],
                "uris": ["https://youtube.com", "http://", "https://"]

to appinfo.json and here is the API call that i am making

  webOS.service.request('luna://com.webos.service.intent', {
      method: 'start',
      parameters: {
        intent: {
         action: ["view"],
      onComplete: (data) => resolve(data),

However it is failing with this error

My webOS TV version : 7.3.0-12 (mulle-mebbin)

Is there something that i am missing?Thanks in advance!

We do not guarantee the compatibility of webOS TV apps with webOS OSE APIs. For webOS TV apps, please use webOS TV APIs in References only. Thank you.

Hi @narae0.kim Thanks for the quick assistance . I have one more question , I need to redirect user to the install page of app in LG app store if it is not already installed , is there some API that can get us the app URL in app store using the appId. Thanks again!!

Unfortunately, no API to link to a specific app install page in the store is currently provided. Therefore, if the target app doesn’t exist, you should guide your customers to install the app by themselves. Thank you.