webOS TV CLI must be installed. VS CODE

Hi! I’ve installed webOS TV CLI, command “ares -V” works well, but VS Code doesn’t see CLI. VS Code also throws error “Failed to get the device list”. I tried to restart my computer, but nothing changed. I use Linux Mint 21.1

Please make sure your environment variables are set correctly. The VS Code extension uses WEBOS_CLI_TV. Therefore, the CLI must be installed in the same path as WEBOS_CLI_TV. For more information, please refer to CLI Installation. Thank you.

I’m sure, everything was fine with env variables. I don’t know how this is connected, but three reinstallation cli, reinstallation vs code and one downloading web_os_simulator have soluted this problem. I think problem somehow was related to vs code. There will be nice if developers can set path to web_os and web_os_cli on their own in vs code settings. Thank you!